Summer Reading

Complete list of all Social Studies AP/Dual Credit Summer Reading (as linked to on the AHS website all summer)

This summer AP Psychology students should read:

Students can find information to help them as they read the book here:
AP Psychology Summer Reading

Duez Lecture & Introduction to 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology

Notes - 50 Great Myths - Summer Presentation

There will be a quiz and test over the book during the first two weeks that we return from summer. This book is a fantastic introduction to psychology because it tackles many of the common misconceptions about psychology. If you have heard that it is easy because it is all "common sense" -- well, you heard wrong. However, because psychology runs counter to many of the assumptions we hold about human behavior, the class is endless interesting as a result.

The book is easy to read because it is partitioned in a way in which students can pick it up and read for only a few minutes at a time and truly chip away at it. There aren't characters or a story line to concern yourself with while reading 50 Myths.

Plus, almost every single myth is actually something we will need to study and learn this year in AP Psychology. It is well worth the effort. Students who have read this book and learned it have scored much better throughout the year and on the day of the AP Exam.

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AHS Graduation - Valedictory Address from Logan Brabson

I wanted to post this here in case anyone could not attend graduation or did not get the opportunity to see Logan's address.


Logan was the best student I have ever had in class. In a two year period in both AP World History and AP Psychology, he missed only one quiz question. We take quizzes for each chapter in each class. His intelligence is unquestioned, obviously. However what most did not see on a daily basis is how much time and effort he put into the classes. And interestingly enough, he was in bed early every night. Sleep was important to him and it made a very big impact in his performance, obviously.

We could all learn some lessons from all Logan has accomplished and all he has overcome.

"For me, my stutter has long defined who I am. Those close to me have asked how I plan to overcome this for graduation. Although I am grateful for their concern there is no reason to be fearful of a condition out of my control. I'm giving voice to the 70 million people who stutter."

Logan Brabson Valedictory Address - Class of 2017 - NRG Stadium, Houston, Tx - Saturday, June 28