Chapter 10 - Motivation & Emotion
Targets: Motivation & Emotion - TARGETS

Video: Daniel Pink Drive-Surprising Truth About Motivation
Pink dispels the myth that extrinsic factors, such as a financial reward or punishment, are effective motivators. Instead, he writes that intrinsic motivation is a much more successful and sustainable. Specifically, leaders should focus on offering autonomy, mastery, and purpose to increase performance and employee engagement.

Article - Science of Emotion

Crash Course Psychology: The Power of Motivation
Feeling motivated? Even if you are, do you know why? The story of Aaron Ralston can tell us a lot about motivation. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank tells us Ralston's story, as well as 4 theories of motivation and some evolutionary perspectives on motivation.
Four Theories of Motivation:
Evolutionary Perspective 1:38:22
Drive-Reduction 2:45:10
Optimal Arousal 3:38:21
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 4:49:04
How Sex, Hunger, and the Need to Belong Motivate us 5:29:02

Crash Course Psychology: Feeling all the Feels
Even if you're Mel Gibson or Kanye, it's probably best to not wear all of your emotions on your sleeve. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about these things called "Emotions". What are they? And why do we need them?
Emotions 00:54:22
Theories on Emotions 02:10:20
Cognition & Emotion 03:35:17
The Autonomic Nervous System 07:39:11

Crash Course Psychology: Let's Talk About Sex
Sex is complicated for different reasons in different cultures. But, it's the entire purpose of life, so there's no reason to blush. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Hormones, and even looks into the idea of why we have sex. There's a lot to go through here.
Alfred Kinsey & Sex Surveys 0:00
Biological Sex & Gender Identity 2:01
Masters & Johnson 3:07
Sex Hormones 5:31
Physiological & Social Factors of Sex 7:11
Sexual Orientation 8:51
Why We Have Sex 10:17