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Red 2 - 1210
Remember, you will see the course on your schedule as:
Fall Semester: Psychology PreAP
Spring Semester: AP Psychology
Both semesters are advanced credit. 
Texas counts AP Psychology as only a .5 or semester only class. The district created "Psychology Pre-AP" so that you can be in the class the entire year. 

Skills You'll Learn in AP Psychology:

  • Connecting psychological concepts & theories to real-life scenarios
  • Understanding & interpreting data
  • Analyzing research studies in psychology
2019 AP Psych Test Was Our Best EVER!
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We have had great success in AP Psychology on the AP Test:

Hope to see you in AP Psychology next year!

This course is an officially authorized AP Psychology class from the college board.

Course Purpose (From the College Board AP Psychology Course Description)
Weiten: Psychology: Themes & Variations
The AP Psychology course is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students are exposed to the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major sub-fields within psychology. They also learn about the ethics and methods psychologists use in their science and practice.

Course Description: 
Students will be introduced to the various sub-fields of psychology and learn how they explain the behavior and mental processes of humans and other animals. Students will gain an understanding of how the sub-fields of psychology are linked together and they are supported by empirical evidence.

Course Objectives: 
Students will...
  1. Learn the history, concepts, methodology, & vocabulary of contemporary psychology.
  2. Learn to read and evaluate psychological research papers & critically apply their content to broad psychological theories and everyday life.
  3. Develop advanced critical thinking skills.
  4. Prepare for success on the AP Psychology exam.
About the author of your textbook Wayne Weiten (Bradley University Website):
Wayne Weiten, psychology professor and textbook author
A quick Google search for Bradley University psychology graduate Wayne Weiten yields around 2,600 sites devoted to or mentioning him and his work. Since earning a Bachelor of Science in 1972 and a Master of Arts in 1973 in psychology from Bradley, and his PhD from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 1981, Weiten has become a best-selling author of psychology textbooks, as well as a college professor, researcher, speaker, and leader in the teaching of psychology.

It all started in Peoria, or perhaps more accurately, East Peoria. While earning his master’s degree at Bradley, Weiten had the opportunity to teach introductory psychology across the river at Illinois Central College. This is when he learned how much he enjoyed teaching. What followed were 20 years of teaching psychology in the Illinois community college system.
During this time, he began a second career as a textbook author.

Weiten’s textbook is: Psychology: Themes and Variations.

In addition to teaching and writing textbooks, he has become an active scholar of the teaching of psychology. He has published chapters and articles on teaching in scholarly books and journals, and has given nearly 60 presentations related to teaching in the discipline.

The Bradley alum is an active member of numerous psychological organizations, including the APA Division 2, Society for the Teaching of Psychology. The Society for the Teaching of Psychology named a teaching award for outstanding psychology teachers at two-year schools in his honor.

In addition to being named the recipient of an Outstanding Young Graduate Award from Bradley University, he has won an Award for Teaching Excellence from the College of DuPage and an Outstanding Teaching Award from APA Division 2. In spring 2010, he was elected the next president of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association.

Weiten grew up in Aurora, Illinois, where he went to Aurora East High School. His wife of 30 years, Beth Traylor, is a physician. They were married in Geneva, Switzerland, Weiten said, because “we thought it sounded cool and romantic – and it exceeded all expectations.” Their son, TJ, is a senior in high school.