Summer Reading Assignment
"50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology" 
Written By Lilienfeld, et al.
While reading the book, keep in mind these 5 questions & jot down your responses as notes. 

Bring your notes & the book to class during the first week of the semester:
You can do it!
1. Know each of the 10 cognitive errors & what they mean. 
2. Match each of the 50 myths to one or more of the ten reasons these myths stick. (the author does this throughout the text)

We will practice this during the first week of school. But if you are using them while you read the text it will be helpful to make them stick in your memory. 

Notes - 50 Great Myths - Summer Presentation

Lecture Video- 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology


50 Myths Listed by Top 10 Cognitive Errors

50 Myths Grouping with Cognitive Errors 

Best of luck in reading through the book. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns

I hope you find it interesting, helpful, and hopefully inspiring. Many of the same topics will be addressed during our look at Psychology this semester.

Also, be sure that when you pick up your textbook (if you get it at Flight School this summer), that you get the correct book. 

You should have Psychology: Themes & Variations by Wayne Weiten Edition 9E

Here is a picture of what the book looks like:
Enjoy the remainder of your summer break.
Looking forward to meeting many of you and absolutely excited to have those students who are returning to me from WHAP. It will be awesome to continue our journey together this school year.

Duez Notes - Introduction to Psychology

Mr. Duez Lecture - Introduction to Psychology

Mr. Duez's Learning Styles is a MYTH Presentation
You do not need to know everything in this presentation. It is lengthy and probably overdone to prove the point to fellow educators and administrators that there is not a piece of compelling evidence available to have us continue to perpetuate this myth in education. However, this might be helpful to you if you are struggling with understanding this myth from 50 Great Myths.

Additional interesting videos to keep in mind:
TEDTalks: Ben Ambridge: 10 Myths About Psychology: DEBUNKED

Test Taking Strategies: Should You Change Your First Answer? First Instinct Fallacy