So, What is my grade 
Mr. Duez? 
Students can do extra credit in AP Psychology. It must be turned in before the final day of the nine week's period to be considered. The earlier the better.

The extra credit is a movie, documentary, or book review. 

Many movies, documentaries, and books have psychological concepts featured throughout the story. This is a wonderful opportunity to extend your learning outside of the classroom and apply what you learned to your study of psychology.
  • Only can only do ONE review per 9 week period
  • Review: Worth up to 20% added to your lowest test score of the nine week's period. 
  • Will NOT bump any single test score above 100% & will only be added to ONE TEST - the lowest score - period.
  • Extra Credit DOES NOT transfer to any other type of grade - tests only.
  • No review will be graded without a parent signature.
  • Review must connects the content back to what we have studied in AP Psychology class. (use textbook, notes, etc.)
  • Must be handed in to Mr. Duez and not e-mailed. 
You need to print the Review Form (or copy the contents to a piece of paper yourself - the entire form), fill it out and follow all of the directions on the form. You must complete ALL information on the form. If you are having problems with that, let Mr. Duez know.
Don't go Jumani on me! Get it turned in early. If it isn't correct on the last day, it doesn't count.
Remember to secure a parent signature after completion.

Review (Movie/Documentary/Book):
Boost your test average; lowest test score will get an additional 20%. Must print (or write out) the review form, parent signature, and written 250 word review citing Weiten & what we have learned - or will learn in class

There may be a subject matter you are reviewing that we have not yet covered in class, just read ahead a little and at the minimum explain what chapters it appears in and explain the concepts as best as you can at this point.

You can write this out by hand on a sheet of paper if you are not able to print it.

Email Mr. Duez if the Movie, Documentary, or Book you want to complete is not on the list. He must approve it.

Don't hesitate to suggest an idea to Mr. Duez if you have something you hope to add to our list.