Saturday, January 26, 2013

Introducing the Brain Project

Link to the Brain Unit Project Information
Link to the pictures of examples from Brain Projects in the past.

Brain Unit Extra Credit is due in class on Wed & Thu Feb. 6/7, 2013.
You have two weeks to complete this work. No work will be accepted late.

You must do ONE of the three projects. But, you may do 2 of them or all 3 for extra credit. 

Each project is worth an extra test score of 100 (for perfect work), 90 (less than perfect), 80 (missing elements), 70 (missing KEY elements). There are no other scores available. All work will be presented to the class on the date it is due.

If you have any questions, please let Mr. Duez know.

Examples of work students have done in the past on the link below:

Also a great video by RSA Animate - The Divided Brain.

In this new RSAnimate, renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how our 'divided brain' has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society. Taken from a lecture given by Iain McGilchrist as part of the RSA's free public events programme.

This is quite a complex look at the hemispheres of the brain. But, you do not have to know everything to find something useful. So press through it if it interests you.

To view the full lecture, go to