Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AP Testing Info

AP Test:  To sign-up and pay for AP Test go to:

Click on the Link for 'AP' and follow the directions.  
You will find links for AP Exam Information, AP Exam Calendar and Test Regulation. 

AP test are $90 per exam.  There is a $2.75 processing fee to handle your online payment.  The payment site accepts all Credit Cards and Paypal.

You can registrar for all of your test or one at a time.  Please note that the last day to registrar  without a $50 late fee, is March 13th.  You can registrar from March 14th - March 24th with a late fee. For more information, click on the page title AP Testing in the left hand menu.

Students have the option to register one test at a time or all their test at once. The test is still $90 - the other 2.75 is the service charge to process the Paypal or CC purchase - just like Amazon or any other online purchase. If a student is free/reduced there is a waiver that will bring the price down - they must see Ms. Willows, the testing coordinator, to get it. The district has made it almost impossible to take money - This is the only way I can process over 500 test fees.