Wednesday, August 26, 2015

50 Great Myths of Psychology - Presentations

50 Great Myths of Psychology - Presentations
Present 1 myth of popular psychology (You will not stand before the class by yourself, you'll be within the group of students who had the myths from your chapter.)

Mr. Duez will randomly pull 1 of the 50 great myths of popular psychology to assign them to you.

You will explain the myth in a 5 slide presentation with accompanying Google Docs Slides.
  1. No myth will be repeated by another group in the same class.
  2. The presentations will be given in groups according to the myth. For example, group one is Brain Power, so those students with Myth 1-5 will stand before the class and present. Mr. Duez will go through the slides that were handed in and pull them up from his computer during the presentation.
Slides are due: Monday, August 31, 2015

Presentations are on the block day: Wed/Thu Sept 2/3

After creating the Google Docs Slide Presentation, you must email a link of the presentation to: 
Notes: 50 Great Myths of Psychology - How To Prepare Your Presentations