Monday, September 25, 2017

Summer Reading FRQ Prompt

On Thursday, after our first test over Unit 1 (chapters 1 & 2), we will write out the first FRQ. It is worth test grade, as all FRQ Timed-Writings will be this year.

Use this handout to help you craft an answer before class so that you are prepared:
FRQ: 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology

There are no excuses here. You have everything you need to get this done.

Here is the book online:
50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology PDF

You also need a black pen for all FRQ Timed-Writings this year!
You can not use any notes to help you during the FRQ and must write it from memory. So practice before Thursday. You can also email me or come in to tutoring for help.

Good luck.

After Thursday, the summer reading is completed. Although we will refer to it during the school year because there are pieces of the summer read that will pop up in every single chapter we study.

Remember to use the FRQ tab at the top of this website for some tips on how to write the FRQ.