Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extra Credit Essay

Giving you this before the test so that you can prepare your thoughts. It must be written on test day without notes.

Extra Credit Essay: Completing this essay and answering it completely correctly would result in a 5% boost in your final test score. Points can be awarded from 1-5.

Question – Research Design, Memory, Intelligence, and Thinking 
In a study, researchers use a photograph taken in a public park to examine how people perceive, learn, and remember information. In the photograph, a woman is standing near a man who is seated on a park bench. The woman appears to be shouting at the man.  Participants in the study are exposed to the photograph for ten seconds and then are shown, each for ten seconds, several other photographs of people interacting. When all the photographs have been shown, the participants are asked about what they saw in the “public park” photograph. A significant number of participants describe the man as being the aggressor in an apparent disagreement with the woman.

Describe how each of the following concepts helps explain the perceptions of these participants. Be sure to begin by defining each concept in psychological terms.
• Schema
• Retroactive interference
• Representativeness heuristics
• Confirmation bias
• Framing