Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Attack the FRQ on AP Psych

Writing the AP Psychology FRQ

Video Link to Attacking an FRQ in AP Psych

Examples of old AP Psych FRQ Questions from previous tests

What Is the Format of the Exam?

The exam is 2 hours long. During the first 70 minutes, you have 100 multiple-choice questions to answer. At the end of the 70 minutes, your booklet and answer sheet will be collected. However, no matter how early you finish this first part of the exam, you cannot begin the free-response questions (essays) early. 

The multiple-choice section counts for two-thirds of your score. If you have time remaining after you complete the questions, you can go back to those you were uncertain about or want to reread. You are limited to 50 minutes to answer two required essay questions.

The following table summarizes the format of the AP Psychology exam.

How Is My Free-Response Exam Scored?

Your performance on the free-response section is worth one-third of your final score. 

Two required essays comprise this section. Although the two questions are typically given equal weight (25 each), they may be scored on different point scales. As a result, if Essay #1 has nine points that are scored, the number of points earned toward the total exam score for that essay would be Score #1 x 2.778. The multiplier for each free-response question is determined by dividing 25 by the maximum number of points in the scoring rubric or scoring guide. The table that follows indicates multipliers for essay questions with different point maximums.
    Section II Raw Score = (Score #1 × Correct Multiplier) + (Score #2 × Correct Multiplier)