Saturday, March 2, 2013

Notes, Video, & Targets for Unit 4 - Memory, Language, & Thought

Unit 4 - Memory, Language, & Thought
Learning Targets

Psych Notes Unit 4 - Cognition: Memory
Psych Notes Unit 4 - Cognition: Language & Thought
Psych Notes Unit 4 - Cognition: Language Influence on Thought
Psych Notes Unit 4 - Cognition at Work - Problem Solving & Behavior

Superior Autobiographic Memory-
Jill Price - The Woman Who Can Not Forget (9:00)
60 Minutes: Endless Memory, Part I (13:35)
60 Minutes: Endless Memory, Part II (12:52)

Student Video Project on Memory:
Forgetting - Research vs. Recognition by Alex Lance, Fall 2012 (4:39)
Noble Prize: The Mystery of Memory (30:00)
A Pill To Forget (13:29)
Ted Talk: Amazing Feats of Memory That Anyone Can Do (20:30)
All Time 10s: 10 Amazing Facts About Memory (2:49)
Google Glass: Is this the future of cognition? (2:31) 

Movies about Memory:
Movie Trailer: Memento (2:05)
Movie Trailer: The Bourne Identity (2:05)
Movie Trailer: 50 First Dates (a Mrs. Duez Favorite) (00:35)
Total Recall (1990 original) (2:45) 
Total Recall (2012 remake) (2:24)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (1:24)
Solaris (2:03)
Beginners (2:05)
The Butterfly Effect (2:19)

Language & Thought:
VSauce - English Where did English Come From? (6:58) 
60 Minutes: The Secret Language of Elephants (14:19)
60 Minutes: Is it Possible to Read a Person's Mind? (13:18)
TedTalk: Daniel Kahneman - Our Thinking Selves (20:37)
YouTube: Pinker - Why Study Language? Language is a Window Into the Mind (7:23)
Psychologist Steven Pinker studies the interface between language and human computation, which he argues is the key to understanding human nature.
Youtube: Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a window to understand the brain (50 minutes)  This is a truly fascinating video. One that is hard to believe is freely available to view. If you are having difficulty with Cognition: Language. Definitely watch this. It is so well explained. He breaks it all down for you. Great examples, graphical display, and all done in a clear and logical fashion.