Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brain Project

We are working on the brain project almost exclusively in class. Of course, if you want to finish it at home, you can. But, remember... the test is next Wed/Thu and you need to be studying, reading the text, going over the notes I have posted, and working the Target Sheet. So don't spend forever on it.

We will have some time in class on Wed/Thu this week and also the first portion of class on Friday to finish it. We will present them in groups. So don't fear "public speaking" that isn't a requirement. However, we will have some fun with it. This is all in an effort to help you learn about the brain, it's parts, their functions, and consider how your brain divides up the resources afforded to it.

The written part is where you will explain how your brain functions. How do you percentages match up to the portions of your brain and their functions? If you mess up and feel like you should have put 15% video game playing in a different location... leave it where it is on your diagram. Just explain what you should have done in the written part. The explanation is your chance to show me what you learned about your life, your brain, and how it functions. That is what I will grade.

Here is an example of one we have done in the past (I changed the formatting this year and gave you a handout with it. In the past they had to freehand draw it themselves):

You may feel the need to write your item and % outside of the brain and then draw arrows to correspond with the location. That's fine. Just use color to coordinate your mapping.

Good luck. If you have questions, let me know.

Also, here is the video from Educational-Portal that showcased the great ways to remember the parts of the brain: Psychology 101 - Bio: Parts of the Brain