Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tuesday Feb 27 w/Sub

Mr. Duez will be out today due to the awards banquet luncheon for the Texans All-Star Teacher award he won last semester. Please be on your best behavior for the substitute. 

This is a day where you can really work towards being sure that you understand the concepts we have been studying in this chapter. The test is next Tuesday at this time.

1. Article: Stanford Prison Experiment

2. Crash Course Psychology Videos w/Questions: 
Questions for Crash Course Psychology - Social Psych

Crash Course Psychology: Social Thinking
Why do people do bad things? Is it because of the situation or who they are at their core? In this week's episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank works to shed a little light on the ideas of Situation vs. Personality. Oh, and we'll have a look at the Stanford Prison Experiment... It's alarming. 
If you are currently in need of help:
Table of Contents:
Social Psychology 01:29
Fundamental Attribution Error 02:04
Dual-Process Theory of Persuasion 03:18
Foot-In-The-Door Phenomenon 04:35
Stanford Prison Experiment 05:12
Cognitive Dissonance 8:08

Crash Course Psychology: Social Influence
Why do people sometimes do bad things just because someone else told them to? And what does the term Groupthink mean? In today's episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about the ideas of Social Influence and how it can affect our decisions to act or to not act. 
If you are currently in need of help:
Table of Contents:
Milgram Experiment 0:31
Automatic Mimicry 3:29
Solomon Asch 4:08
Normative Social Influence 5:31
Social Facilitation 5:59
Social Loafing 6:19
Deindividuation, Group Polarization, & Groupthink 6:50

Crash Course Psychology: Prejudice & Discrimination
In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank tackles some difficult topics dealing with prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.  There's a lot here, so let's get started. 
If you are currently in need of help:
Table of Contents:
Prejudice, Stereotyping, & Discrimination 00:00
Prejudice Can Often Be Non-Conscious 02:03
Implicit Association Test or AIT 04:23
Ingroup-Outgroup Phenomenon 07:08
In-Group Bias 07:48

Crash Course Psychology: Aggression vs. Altruism
In our final episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank discusses the ideas of Aggression and Altruism. These two things are difficult to understand and explain so sit tight and get ready to run the gauntlet of human emotions. 
If you are currently in need of help:
Table of Contents:
Robber's Cave Experiment 0:00
Realistic Conflict Theory 0:57
Physical & Environmental Triggers 3:23
Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis 4:24
Altruism 5:25
Bystander Effect 5:56
Social Exchange Theory 7:19