Saturday, May 16, 2020

AGENDA: Week of May 18 - 22, 2020

Advanced Placement PSYCHOLOGY with Mr. Duez
This is it! What we have been working toward all year long. You can do it!

“People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.” - George Carlin
My beautiful boy Gryff. Miss him every day. 
Monday, May 18th, 2020: 8am: 1st, 10am: 3rd, Noon: 5th
Tuesday, May 19th, 2020: 4th - no class Tue due to the test

(Due to AP Test we won't meet at noon, try to make the 8, 10, or noon classes on Monday)

1. DO NOW: 
Lots of review material on Google Classroom.

Highly Recommended...
Optional Practice Test online
It is really well done. PDF of two questions aligned exactly to this year's test. Then they have a YouTube video where a person goes through it and answers it for you. I would practice doing it just like you would on the test day. Then watch her review it to see how you did. 

Download the practice test here

YouTube Review of the Test

3. "The Office" AP Psychology Review

Thursday, May 21st, 2020: 10am: All (1, 3, 4, & 5)

1. DO NOW: How did the AP Test go? 

Have a little snack and enjoy everyone one last time. 
Grades are due for seniors on Friday. 
Thank you & Goodbyes for the year. 

Thank you all for a great year! 
I know it has been the most difficult for me. And I'm sure for many of you it has also been a trying time. However, we accomplished so much this year. Do not lose focus on that. 
I am proud of all of you!