Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Practice Exam #1

Click the image above to go to the YouTube channel for the test.
They are discussing the First AP Exam Practice #1 and will be giving out the questions shortly. If you are about to take the plunge, good luck. This is crazy. I could never have imagined doing this in the past.

BTW - if you are out there watching, you are one of 1,400+ people checking it out (might be hundreds of actual teachers watching, too). Remember there were 311,215 students who took the AP Psych test last year. So if you are working on getting ready and actually studying and focused through this pandemic... you are way ahead of the game. Keep up the good work!

Sadly this question had been used in 2018. So it is not new. But it would be good practice to look at. 
Here is the scoring rubric for it, with student samples: 

Mr. Duez's Presentation over the question:


This is similar to the 2000 AP Psychology Test Question: