Monday, October 10, 2011

Hope you had a great weekend...

Hopefully you had a nice chance to rest, relax, and stretch out for a bit this weekend.
Suki always gets her 8 to 20 hours of sleep in a day.
We had a fantastic weekend. It was also my wife's birthday. So Aidan and I made sure Momma Duez had a wonderful weekend.
"Eat at Chuy's You Will."
We also went to a fantastic new place called "Jus Mac." It is exactly what it's called... just macaroni and cheese. But done right and at least a dozen ways. Check out their website here (they are located in the Heights, just off 610 North a few miles west of the 45 North exit): Jus Mac

Mrs. Duez got the chili mac, Aidan got jus mac, I had bbq brisket mac. Delicious!
Of course we also took in the season opening hockey game for our defending Western Conference Champion Houston Aeros at Toyota Center last night. The boys won 4-1 and it was really a cool weekend to see so many of last year's Aeros players and coaches do well for their parent team the Minnesota Wild. :) (oh yeah, and my Pittsburgh Penguins had a great weekend as well.) We aren't going to discuss the Houston Texans game right now and spoil the fun.

I highly recommend Aeros hockey games. It is an inexpensive, fun, and fast-paced sport. 
Aidan got to meet Chili - the awesome Aeros mascot. 

Hopefully you also had a nice stress-free and restful weekend. We are going to get back to work on chapters 5 and 6 this week. The quiz is moved up to Wednesday. We'll get prepared for that tomorrow. :) The test is Friday. Really dig in on Chapter 6 and be sure to follow the learning targets closely! See you on Tuesday.