Thursday, February 18, 2021

Agenda: Feb. 22nd - 26th, 2021

Advanced Placement PSYCHOLOGY with Mr. Duez
CH 12 - Personality
Week at a Glance:

MON 2/22 - DO NOW: How do psychologists use if-then contingencies as a way of describing someone's personality?

DO NOW Questions FROM LAST WEEK: Catch up on last week's DO NOW Questions - review where we were in discussing Personality

Duez Notes: Psychodynamic Theory, Part I

Crash Course: Rorschach & Freudians 

TUE 2/23 - DO NOW
Why do most psychologists raise objections to the Myers-Briggs type indicator?

Duez Notes: Psychodynamic Theory, Part II

WED 2/24 - DO NOW: On average, the personality of young people today differs from what their parents or grandparents showed at the same age. What does this trend demonstrate?

THU 2/25 - DO NOWWhat do the views of Alfred Adler & humanistic psychology have in common?


FRI 2/26 - DO NOWWhy do introductory psychology texts put so little emphasis on Freud?

Video with Questions: "The Enduring Self" - on Schoology  

Friday, Feb. 26th - Video w/Questions: THE-ENDURING-SELF
Thursday, Feb. 25th - Quiz CH 11 - Personality
Tuesday, March 2nd  - Test CH 11 - Personality