Friday, February 26, 2021

Agenda for the Week of March 1-5, 2021

Advanced Placement PSYCHOLOGY with Mr. Duez
CH 12 - Personality
CH 13 - Social Behavior - Social Psychology

Week at a Glance:

MON 3/1- DO NOW: Who first proposed the social-cognitive perspective, and how do social-cognitive theorists view personality development? 

Crash Course: Measuring Personality 

TUE 3/2 - DO NOW: What is a stereotype? Can stereotypes help you? Or are they just a negative part of human nature that we must overcome?

Tuesday, March 2nd  - Test CH 11 - Personality

Duez Notes: Social Psych - Perceptions of Others

Video: Frontline - "A Class Divided" Jane Elliott's '68 classroom - Blue/Brown Eyes 

WED 3/3 - DO NOW: 1. Are babies discriminatory? Prejudiced? Racist?  2. Using what you have learned in psychology, what arguments could you make that they are… Or that they are not Reflect on what we have learned in Development to help you with your answers.

No class today - due to SAT 

THU 3/4- DO NOWAre altruism/apathy, conformity/obedience, compliance/aggression formed through education & learning or are those attributes situational What factors can influence your behavior?

FRI 3/5 - DO NOW
Explain the difference between conformity & obedience.

Article: Rarely Told Story of Zimbardo's Prison Experiment

Duez Notes: Altruism, Conformity, Obedience, part 2

Tuesday, March 2nd  - Test CH 11 - Personality
Friday, March 10th - Article: Rarely Told Story of Zimbardo's Prison Experiment
Thursday, March 11th - QUIZ - CH 12 - Social Psychology