Monday, February 22, 2021

Screen-cast for Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Mr. Duez discussed:

  • Snow-pocolypse 2021 & his astonishing prediction (luck really) "It will snow in February, I guarantee it." - Mr. Duez (Jan. 27th screen-cast)
  • AP Test Changes = There will be a digital exam and in-person exam and combination of both, possibly. The district will determine what is offered to you and they haven't decided yet. But the AP College Board has come up with a plan. More information is coming on March 2nd. And the district will also announce what their plan is after conferring about their options. 
  • Final Payment for AP Exams is March 1st.
  • Do Now Questions (Covered some from last week as well) 
  • Psycho-analysis, Freud's Psycho-sexual stages, & Defense Mechanisms