Friday, January 20, 2012

Agenda for Week of Mon-Fri 23-27, 2012

Learning Targets:
*How does the brain, central nervous system and their functions impact human behavior?
Take home test for Chapter 3 is due on Thursday at the beginning of class.
Brain Unit Projects due on Thursday and will be presented in class.

Monday, Jan. 23, 2012
Quote: "The brain is wider than the sky." - Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886
1. 10 Minutes to continue reading & annotating the article "What Makes Teens Tick."
2. Finish Brain Rules Video, we have 2 to complete.
3. Watch "Teen Dreams" Video clip.
Tuesday Jan. 24, 2012

Quote: "We know what we are but not what we may be." - Ophelia in Hamlet, Shakespeare
1. Finish Teen Dreams Video Clip.
2. Discuss "What Makes Teens Tick." article
Wed/Thursday Jan. 25, 2012
Quote: "I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 things that do not work." - Thomas Edison, 1847-1931
1. Bubble in Take home test for Chapter 3 
2. Present Brain Unit Projects.
3. If time, introduce Chapter 4 Sensation & Perception
Friday Jan. 26, 2012
Quote: "Great spirits have often overcome violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein, 1879-1955
1. Introduction of Chapter 4 Sensation & Perception
2. Mr. Duez will be out. The substitute will pass out the article for Chapter 4. Students will work to read, annotate and complete the work on the form. "Mind, Body, Yogurt."
3. If time remains, the substitute will show a video clip that Mr. Duez has placed on the computer for them.