Thursday, April 22, 2021

Agenda for Week of April 26-30, 2021

Advanced Placement PSYCHOLOGY w/Mr. Duez
Disorders & Treatment
Week at a Glance:

MON: April 26 - DO NOW: Cinderella rarely expresses her opinions, needs, or desires. Whenever anyone asks for her opinion, she simply defers to the wishes of others.  Which personality disorders is best representative of Cinderella’s behavior?

Crash Course Psychology: Biomedical Treatment 

TUE: April 27 -  DO NOW: What is the treatment for phobias in which the patient is exposed to progressively more anxiety-provoking stimuli & taught relaxation techniques.

TEST CH 14 & 15 - Psych Disorders & Treatment

Notes - Psych Disorders & Treatments, part 2

Notes - Bio-Medical Treatments for Psych Disorder 

WED: April 28 -  DO NOW: What have you learned this year from AP Psychology that has made an impact on your everyday life?


THU: April 29 -  DO NOW: What was the biggest surprise thing that you learned this year in AP Psychology that you did not know previously?


FRI: April 30 -  DO NOW: Reflect on the first and second MOCK AP Tests. Where did you improve? What do you still have to focus on before the test? Are there certain units that you need to brush up on? 

CORRECTIONS due on AP Psychology MOCK Test #1 - Through Schoology

Tuesday, April 27th - TEST CH 14 & 15 - Psych Disorders & Treatment
WED & THU April 28th & 29th - MOCK AP TEST #2
Friday, April 30th - CORRECTIONS due on AP Psychology MOCK Test #1 - Through Schoology
FRQ Quizzes Next Week -  Mr. Duez will pull ONE of the FRQs from 2019-2010. You will write each answer during the period. Use FRQ tab to prep. And also the REVIEW tab.